Winter Action Project

Dropoffs In Providence Will Be January 21-22, 2022



With a $10,000 goal, we need your help! Click Donate Now to the right and give whatever you can to the GoFundMe.

Other Ways To Donate

Drop Off Supplies

Giving money just isn’t your thing? No worries! Any items from this list would be greatly appreciated and can be dropped off from now until January 14, 2022, at any of the below locations.


Looking To Become A Drop-off Location?

Becoming a drop-off location means setting up a box at your office/store/etc. and allowing us to tell people they can drop off supplies there.

Order Your Own Supplies

Another great way to donate is to order any of the below supplies and have them shipped to our North Providence location:

1135 Charles Street, North Providence, RI 02904

If you decide to order something, please fill out the form below so we can keep track of what is coming! Also, be sure to use the links below as Amazon will pay us a certain amount on each item that we will use towards even more supplies!

About Your Donations & How They Are Used

There are currently 3 ways to donate.

  1. Donating money to our GoFundMe Page.
  2. Dropping off supplies at any of our drop-off locations.
  3. Purchasing supplies from Amazon and sending them to 1135 Charles Street, North Providence, RI 02904. 

Money donated through GoFundMe will be used to purchase supplies (list above).

Supplies either dropped off or mailed to our North Providence location will be disbursed throughout Providence on our drop-off days.

100%! No portion of money or supplies given will be used in any way other than to give to the people who need it most.