Winter Action Project

Dropoffs In Providence Will Be January 21-22, 2022


Our Mission

To help the homeless population of Providence by giving them bags full of supplies like food, water, personal hygiene products, and winter clothing.

Our Vision

To help, even in the slightest, our city’s entire homeless population by making their lives just a little bit easier.

Our Goal

To raise $10,000 in the 2021-2022 Winter season.


In 2020, we were able to raise $2,310 and Performance Adjusting donated an additional $4,000!

Our Story

For years I’ve wanted to do something about the growing homeless population in Providence. After driving past enough freezing and starving people on my way to work, I knew I had to do something about it. My partner and I have said for years that we wanted to gather supplies and give them to the homeless people we see but didn’t know how to get started.

Back in 2020, I mentioned this to my company, Performance Adjusting. My bosses were completely on board, no questions asked. They knew how important this was to us and felt the same way about the community.

From there, we started 6 Feet Closer: The Winter Action project. A play on words regarding the pandemic. We had an extremely successful first year and are so excited to see where this project, The Winter Action Project, takes us!

– Alexis Pollack